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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facebook Chat Update [via Computer or Mobile?]

Now Facebook let you know whether your friends online Facebook Chat via computer or just from mobile smart phone.

Yeahhh.... for me this is so great!!

Because people will know where you online which  using the computer or just from devices...

And the best thing is, the small icon in right there will let people understand why if I reply them tooo slow...or if sometimes I missed a text from them! hehe!

This function will display to your friends with a small mobile icon on the chat space from the web browser if you onlline Facebook Chat from your BlackBerry, iPhone or Android phone only. Ovi by Nokia? I'm not sure about it.

Before this, when I'm away from my laptop, I let  Facebook Chat automatically switch to my BlackBerry... so, my friends never know if I online on mobile...sometimes they feel so angry to me, "why do you reply me very-very slow dude??!!" then I need to explain them... "Dear friends.. I just switch to mobile right now...".  Its bad huh?? =.=!

So now, I think its very useful and I really love this update!! I don't need have to explain them anymore... hehe~

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