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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monte Carlo Movie - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is one of my fevereto ! Just in another few hours later from now , I'm gonna watch this movie by this evening . . once again I watch new movie in cinema alone , alone and alone ! you know why? ...basically I watch my favorite movie without need someone to accompany , because until now I still don't have a friend who got the same interest like me , someone really understand me and someone who have time to spend time together with me all the time when I need them . They got their own life , if I ask them . . only 1 , 2 and 3 times , and still give me some excuses , then I should said "I swear to don't bothering this people again!" to my self . . .

Huh! sorry with my grammar , my English sucks! still need to be improve , improve and improve ! that's why most of my Facebook status update in English . I need somebody to correct me perfectly . but . . I think many of them don't really care about it , so I keep learning , learning , learning . . by watching English Movies , especially in comedy film , romance , action , cartoon & animation and all that relevant , better than only reading books or just listening to English Radio Station all the time .

Actually I am a big fans of Comedy Romance film . Last time I watch film  "Definitely Maybe", I can't believe that this film can make me cry . . . all my tears out at the end of that movie . same goes to "Keranamu Laila", the Malay drama at TV3 . . . Oh my god ! what kind of feeling is inside of me ??

Even I am a big boy was born with big heart , and have a big dreams,  I admit that I have a sensitive soul . Sensitive heart and feelings . . that's why I am easy to crying . . alone . I look so ugly when I feel sadness . heheks ~ "tak malu nak cerita :P

Do you follow any English Comedy Movies ?  Do you follow any FAMOUS English TV Series ? One Tree Hill ? My Life as Liz ? Gossip Girl ? or any English Reality TV Shows like 16 and Pregnant ? My Super Sweet 16 ? or Competitive shows like A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila ? ok ! just good enough  !  hahaha my god ! ! is it my self ? XD

I you don't , but you want to . . . better ask me ! Even 17 Again and Hannah Montana the Movie , I've watched it ! hahaha ! my god  !~

So , this is the alternative way how I'm learning English =_=!

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