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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maxis BIS Bonus (BlackBerry) promo from Hotlink to end on 31st of July really ended today??

Oh ! Well I thought it's really end on the 31st July , but today after I checking by dial *100# , urgghhhh !! no more Monthly BIS Bonus RM20 !! as per image bellow :

1st page

2nd page

3rd page

But, only Weekly BIS Bonus RM7 is still available .
  *See the 2nd page above

The BIS Bonus promotion from Maxis @ Hotlink started on December last year. It started off as a limited time offer but it was great to see Hotlink extending the promotion for such a long time.

Yes, when this promotion was launched, it was set to end on the 31st of January. After that date, I was surprised that Hotlink has decided to extend to an unknown date.

Although they still mentioned at their web page that the offer is just for a limited time, I was hoping that it will be going on and on for as long as possible. Unfortunately, Hotlink has now set the date again.

This time, it will be on the 31st of July which is by end of this month. For those who are enjoying their BlackBerry service for just RM0.70 per day or RM20 per month, it is time for you to seek for alternative BIS plans.

Well, too bad huh? I thought Maxis will offer something better and more valuable to its prepaid customers once the current promo (BIS Bonus) has ended. But, we still need to move RM30.

Is there any alternative BIS plans guys?? please let me know ! huaaaaaaa !!!! ~
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